Local Attractions

History, wildlife, outdoor activities and so much more…

There are local area activities to suit all interests. Here are some of the many things you can find to do in the area:  fishing in the river and many local lakes, mountain biking on the Kettle Valley Railway bicycle trail (or on the many small Forest roads in the area), whitewater rafting, motorcycling up famous Highway 8,gold panning, geo-caching, visiting the Hells Gate rapids, kayaking, horseback riding. hiking, birdwatching, the Hat Creek Historical Ranch, golf, historic Ashcroft and its fabulous museum,  local rodeos, Ashcroft Manor, or just find a quiet spot and watch the river flow by.
Fishing -Big river, Big fish
The Thompson River provides ample opportunities for anglers of all abilities. During the summer there is an outstanding trout fishery that is not very well known. Being part of the Fraser River system we also get various limited openings for salmon. The big attraction are the steelhead runs in the fall which tests the ability of even the most avid fisherman. If you’re looking for something a little tamer, there are dozens of lakes wiyhin a couple of hours drive fom here. Please check the latest fishing regulations for any restrictions.

Bird watching

Our patio is a world famous location of many of many speices including some rare ones that are endangred. Aside from an abundace of the common interior BC birds including eagles, owls, and osprey, the rare varieties include chukars, vaux swifts, and lewis woodpeckers.

Train watching

 Being on a valley bottom on the Trans-Canada corridor we hve railway on both sides of the river with the CP line less than 30 metres (100 feet) from the front door and the CN track on the other side. There is a siding and small yard of several tracks on the CP side. The two railways as well as Via and Rocky Mountaineer share the tracks through the canyon so there is only one way traffic on each side of the river whicn minimizes the noise of the 25 plus trains a day each way.